The Game Gets Quizzed On His Lyrics; Shares Thoughts On T.I.’s “Hymen” Remarks


While rocking an iced out grill and a pair of Gucci shades, The Game visited The Real on Wednesday to promote his latest project, Born 2 Rap. The rapper’s ninth studio album continues to climb the charts, and while visiting the ladies of The Real, they decided to quiz The Game. “We wanted to put you to the test to see just how well you recognize your own music,” said host Tamera Mowry-Housley. “With a little game called ‘Game Recognize Game.'”

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“Should be easy,” Game said. There was a bit of pressure added as the Compton rapper was then told if he got at least three of the questions correct, everyone in the audience would take home a prize. Game wasn’t worried, and there wasn’t a need for him to be. The lyrics they gave were pretty simple, considering they included Ariana Grande and William Shakespeare. They tried to trip him up at one point and he almost faltered at another, but he was able to keep it together.

Elsewhere during his interview, The Game shared that music wasn’t his passion; being a father is more important. “My children are really growing fast,” he said of this next stage in his life. “They’re getting older. There’s a lot of conversations that you don’t have with little children that are now taking place. Even my 16-year-old, not to just tell him to be safe and stay away from drugs and whatnot. I have to tell him how to drive defensively and how to not get into road rage and what to look for when he’s going to the mall.” 

The rapper was asked about his thoughts on T.I.’s recent comments about his daughter. “T.I.’s a good friend of mine,” Game admitted. “I feel like he could have chosen a better way to say it. I’m not him and that’s not my daughter. I think that there’s so many fatherless women and young girls in the world that we can’t really necessarily be mad at him for over-protecting his daughter. I just think in the manner that he spoke it, he could have spoke a little bit lighter than that.” Watch both of The Game’s clips below.


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