The Game Interrupts “You” Binge To Blast “Bum-Ass” Jordan 1 Mids


Following the release of Born 2 Rap, the project that allegedly marks his “final album,” it’s fair to say that The Game has earned himself some R&R time. Just in time for the release of You’s second season; in case you’re unfamiliar, You is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, a thriller centering around the life of an obsessive serial killer. Evidently, The Game is but one of many to have fallen victim to its addictive charms, as evidenced by the latest meme to pop up on his Instagram page. 

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

“You’re…wearing Jordan 1s, but they’re….Mids, but…that’s ok,” shares Game, alongside an image of You’s lead character Joe Goldberg. “You…don’t know any better…bc you’ve dated bum ass n***s in the past…but I can fix that…I can fix….you.” Deeply immersed in the world of the show, Game made sure to share that his “dumb ass read it in his exact voice.” 

All things considered, it’s clear Game has a bone to pick with Jordan 1 mids. Check out the meme below, and sound off – have you been checking out You? If so, is it worth the watch? Asking for a friend. 


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