The Game Jokes About Applying To Popeyes After $7 Million Lawsuit


Aftermath alumni The Game can proudly look back on a legendary career, with at the very least one classic album under his belt. From The Documentary onward, Game has consistently kept gangsta rap afloat in the mainstream eye, perhaps more so than any of his contemporaries. Still, his unapologetic nature has led to no shortage of confrontation, both in the streets and in the courtroom. Most recently, Game found himself on the losing end of a sexual assault lawsuit, which is said to be costing him seven million dollars in royalties.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last night, Game decided to open up about some of the attention surrounding his name. “Everybody got something to say, this, that, I don’t give a fuck about none of that,” he says, during a live concert. “I been The Game my whole career, I ain’t deterred. I been shot at, stabbed, fought, n***as suing me. Today I read on the internet they said I lost seven million. Shit, what I’ma do now? Is Popeyes hiring?! Seven million, he must be broke! In this muthafuckin Burberry tracksuit. Who give a fuck about that. Fuck a bitch that’s suing.” He laughs, taking a moment to show love to the fans in attendance.

Clearly, Game remains unfazed in the face of turmoil, no matter the source. Say what you will about the man, but he’s earned the right to be considered a hip-hop legend, and his upcoming Born To Rap is sure to end the year on a high note. Look for that to hit November 29th. 


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