The Game & Lil Wayne Squad Up On “A.I. With The Braids”


With every ode to Allen Iverson that is created, his legend only grows bigger. The Game decided to praise the insanely talented athlete by naming his latest single “A.I. With The Braids.” Lil Wayne features on the single, which makes sense since both artists are known for their deep knowledge of sports. 

“A.I. With The Braids” features a delicious instrumental produced by Mike Zombie that sounds like something that may have been conceived in the early 2000s. The inspirational synth meshes with a jumpy percussion set up which really gives this single a bop that’s hard to ignore. Wayne grabs the final verse of the track and blesses us with some of his vintage flows. Altogether, this song sounds good, and feels good to listen to. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy watching A.I. get his roses?

Quotable Lyrics
Turn a gameday into a game night
Turn a team fight to a gang fight
A.I. with the gun door
Point guard with the gun door
Lil nigga with a A.K. look like A.I. with Mutombo
Trap door, let my blood boil
I’m his young bro from the N.O
Like A.I. on some gumbo, gangsta on court and in court