The Game Offers A Warning To Younger Artists


Over the years, there have been some tragic deaths in the world of hip-hop. Some of these artists have been killed, which has led to a questioning of why this violence keeps happening. XXXTentacion, Pop Smoke, and more recently, King Von are all examples of this and fans just want the killing to stop. While no one seems to have all of the answers, there have certainly been some OGs who have tried to impart wisdom on the younger generation, so they don’t get caught up with the wrong crowd.

The Game is the latest artist to give some of this advice, as he recently took to Twitter where he offered a warning to all of the up and coming artists out there. As you can see, The Game is now urging artists to stop all of their flexing, as it can lead to some bad situations. 

“Young rap n****s, stop showing off all ya money on social media… for every dollar you floss it’s a hood nigga out there loading a clip for you,” The Game wrote.

The Los Angeles artist has been through a lot during his career so if there is anyone qualified to speak on this, it would most certainly be him. It’s clear The Game wants to see all of this recent violence come to an end, and hopefully, his words have some sort of impact.

The Game

Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET