The Game Promotes “Born 2 Rap” Album With Branded Condoms


The Game’s supposed “last studio album” arrives on November 29th with a strong promise to become the album of the year. Since the beginning of 2019, The Game (born Jayceon Terrell Taylor) has been sharing numerous images of him in the studio promoting music on the way and even threw his name into some drama when it came to previous hookups with Kim Kardashian and Cyn Santana.  

 Leon Bennett/Getty Images

We can only assume that his upcoming project will touch on the latter as well as some other topics that hang heavy on his heart such as the loss of Nipsey Hussle since he’s been very forward with how much the late rapper inspired him from the jump. The 39-year-old rapper has now come through with some more promotion for his anticipated album and it’s in the form of branded condoms. 

The image below shows his stamped safe sex offering with the proud 11/29 release date. “The only time no [cap] should be reversed 🤣🤣🤣 #Born2RapItUp 11/29 #IfItBreaksWellRefundYouAndDonate1129DollarsToYourChildSupport,” he captioned the post. 

“My last few times spent in his presence, it was all smiles, laughs & jokes. He stayed trying to get me to read books & strengthen my knowledge in all areas of life,” The Game previously wrote about a memory of Nipsey Hussle. “A specific time was earlier this year in the studio parking lot. I was coming & he was going. We stopped, dapped, hugged each other & proceeded to walk off & when I got to the studio door he said “Chuck, you read that book I told you to get?”


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