The Game Recounts Being 5x Platinum & Still Getting Shot At In Compton


The Game has always represented Compton since getting into the game. The rapper became the new face of West Coast’s gangster rap at the time when G-Unit was the biggest thing in the game. However, even when The Documentary dropped and he saw an extreme amount of success, he was still in Compton, his old stomping grounds.

In a recent interview with NME, the rapper explained why he moved out of Compton. At the very moment he decided to leave, he was on top of the rap game but troubles from his past just came back to haunt him at every step.

“I was fuckin’ five times Platinum and still getting in shoot-outs in my neighbourhood,” he said. “The thing that changed my life was when a bullet went through my son’s car seat and I was just about to go into the house and get him and put him in the car. A bullet hole was in the car seat where his head would have been. And on that day, I moved out of Compton and got me a condo in Beverly Hills.”

Last Saturday marked the fifteen-year anniversary of the release of The Game’s The Documentary, an album that brought hits like “Hate It Or Love It” ft. 50 Cent and “How We Do” also featuring Fif. 

Peep the entire interview with The Game here.


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