The Game Reveals How Many Millions He’s Spent On Lawyer Fees Since G-Unit Days


The Game has been in trouble with the law more than a few times over the span of his career. Although he’s seen millions of dollars in his life that some may never come even close to, it appears that he’s spent a few million on lawyer fees in his day. He’s gotten into physical altercations, hit with asexual assault lawsuit, and more throughout his career. The rapper took to Twitter recently where he revealed just how much he spent on lawyers since his days with G-Unit. 

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

“Spent over $12,000,000 in lawyer fees since the beginning of my career. My advice to the new generation of artists is “walk away”…. I seen the most gangster niggas in the world sued,” The Game wrote. It’s unclear what prompted The Game to reflect on his legal issues but hopefully, he hasn’t found himself in any new legal issues and he’s merely reflecting on the new rappers maneuvering their way through the industry.

The Game has admitted he was a pretty bold kid when he first emerged. Following the release of Born 2 Rap, The Game’s final studio album, he paid a visit to Nick Cannon where he recounted getting rolled up on by Suge Knight over something he said in a song. “I wasn’t having no type of back down. I drew my gun on all of them and I held my own and from that day forward, it was nothing but respect with Suge,” he said.  “I throw jabs sometimes, mainly ’cause I can and everybody knows that I’m an asshole sometimes, so that’s what I do. I talked to Suge from the inside and he does have a different perspective on life and he should have a different perspective on life because where else do you go from here with being how you used to be? Suge’s gotta be 50 plus.”


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