The Game Shares Absurd Photo Of Heavy Snowfall In Los Angeles


Whenever somebody weighs out the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in Southern California, the weather generally gets a pretty important shout in the former category. With sunny days brightening up our morale on a year-round basis, life in LA can be pretty fulfilling. Especially if you grew up on the East Coast, you may be excited about never needing to shovel the walkway again. Well, as with everywhere else in the world, strange weather can be expected in SoCal sometimes. This morning, West Coast icon The Game shared photos of the conditions outside, reminding each California native of just how thankful we should be for the typical warm weather.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

The Southern part of California is currently being hammered with a heavy storm and, as seen in photos posted by The Game, we’ve got to believe that climate change is a real thing. Sharing his account of the madness on social media, Game gave us all a visual of palm trees covered in snow and driving conditions that are less than ideal. “Oh’ that right there…. that’s just snow falling on palm trees outside my mama house,” said the rapper, just as surprised as the rest of us. Unfortunately, the recording artist couldn’t find his fur coat to keep warm.

Considering some people in LA have never seen snow in their lives, this has been a strange few days for everyone caught up in the storms. The Game’s new album Born II Rap is sure to heat up the streets when it releases tonight so, at least the snow should be melted soon enough.


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