The Game’s Brother Big Fase Responds To His “Born 2 Rap” Open Letter


West Coast icon The Game released what he has claimed to be his final album last week, reminding us all that he was Born 2 Rap. The project is performing extremely well and the rapper is pleased with its streaming activity, letting the world know that he was on top of the Apple Music charts. On the album, Game gets deep and speaks about his familial issues, notably calling out his brother Big Fase and admitting that they’re still basically rivals after all these years. On “Hug The Block,” Game says:

“How you spend your whole life with a stranger you call your brother that don’t know you?
2006 Bentley coupe parked at Nobu
I was your bulletproof vest when them Crips tried to smoke you
Shit be hurtin’ my heart so I approached you
We on the same team but you think I’m tryna coach you
I was in first class, I looked back
You was mad so I gave up my seat and sat in coach too
Here’s somethin’ to toast to
I bought the weed, the blunts, you smoked that and the roach too”

He follows up the bars by saying that, if it came down to it, he would probably pull the trigger on his own blood. Well, Big Fase has officially responded to the semi-diss, coming through with a statement of his own via social media.

As reported by Hip Hop Lately, Game’s brother said: “To use a n***a up and leave him stuck in the streets for 14 years is one thing.. But to hold all this invalid hate and disdain for a n***a is beyond my comprehension. I haven’t heard the bullshit but enough of it has been translated for me to understand that the hater is in your mirror. In 2005, I left after months of feeling underappreciated and not needed… and got confirmation of that when the repossessions began instead of what I hoped would be a just a misunderstanding repaired by a brotherly talk to get things straight.”

Read his full message below.


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