The Game’s New Hairstyle Gives Fans Nipsey Hussle Vibes


One of the most outspoken recording artists regarding the death of Nipsey Hussle has been The Game. The West Coast icon has been scrutinized for sharing too many posts about the late rapper, celebrating his legacy and reminding everybody of all he had done for his community. For the longest time, we’ve known The Game with a short haircut but for the last little while, he’s been trying to grow out his locks. It turns out that he reached his ideal length and, this weekend, he went and got braided up for the first time in a while. Showing off the end result, fans aren’t quite sure how they feel about the look.

David Livingston/Getty Images

Either channelling the late Nipsey Hussle or singer Jidenna, people don’t know if this style suits him. “Nip 2.0,” pointed out one of the top comments while other fans remarked that he’s got that Jidenna flow going. Somebody else told him that he’s got to wait a few months to actually succeed in this look because, right now, he’s got “no hang time.”

Do you think The Game looks good with cornrows or should he try something else out on top? Additionally, if he giving you more Nipsey or Jidenna vibes? 


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