“The Last Dance” Director Shares Uproarious Dennis Rodman Story


Basketball fans have probably at least seen a little bit of “The Last Dance” which is the documentary based on Michael Jordan and his last season with the Bulls. Yesterday, episodes three and four aired on ESPN, and fans were excited to see that episode three was completely based around Dennis Rodman who was known for his antics and personality, at the time. Of course, Rodman is still very much a character and his behavior was on full display while trying to be interviewed for the doc.

As director Jason Hehir explained on “Jalen & Jacoby,” Rodman was incredibly difficult to track down and when they were finally able to interview him, he was all over the place. In fact, most of the time he was trying to talk about North Korea.

“Interviewing Dennis Rodman is like interviewing a feral cat,” Hehir said. “He’s not looking in the same place, he’s got those big shades on. Every other statement was coming back to Kim-Jong Un and how he’s going to be in the history books. I’m like, ‘No. We’re talking about the Pistons. No Korea! No! Stay with me.’ […] “He’s like, ’10 hours, huh? I’ll give you 10 minutes. So he sits down, I’m just shooting with him, and he says, ‘I need a tuna sub from Subway and some chamomile tea.’”

Essentially, getting answers out of Rodman was like pulling teeth without any anesthetics. Regardless, the job got done and they were able to get the answers they needed out of him.

source https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/the-last-dance-director-shares-uproarious-dennis-rodman-story-news.109276.html

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