“The Last Of Us” Remake Reportedly In Development By Sony


Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us, directed by Neil Druckmann and originally released on the PS3 in 2013, is widely regarded as a classic in video game history. In the years that followed, a remastered edition hit the PS4, and the anticipated sequel released in June of 2020; it went on to become the most awarded video game of all time. 

Now, a new report from IGN has indicated that Sony may very well be revisiting The Last Of Us, with the studio apparently working on a remade version for the PlayStation 5. The development arose following a report from Bloomberg, who claimed that Visual Arts Service Group, a 30-strong team led by founder Michael Mumbauer, had been secretly tasked with developing a remake of the beloved game. Unfortunately, Sony’s decision to keep the team’s existence a secret ultimately left them unable to obtain their desired hiring budget and many of the developers went on to shift focus to The Last Of Us 2 at Sony’s command. 

WATCH: The Last Of Us Remastered Trailer

Bloomberg’s source indicates that upon the completion of the sequel, Sony shifted several Naughty Dog developers back onto The Last Of Us remake project (a move that shifted the dynamic, much to the dismay of the Visual Arts Service group), which seems to indicate that the studio is currently in the midst of moving forward with development. Unsurprising, given that HBO recently cast Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, two Game Of Thrones alumni, to play Joel and Ellie in an upcoming Last Of Us series. With plenty of fresh eyes set to discover the powerful story for the first time, it makes sense that The Last Of Us is getting a facelift for the modern console generation. 

Stay tuned for further updates on The Last Of Us, both show and remake, as they surface. Should you be among those who own a PS5, do you intend on revisiting the classic game?