The Weeknd Looked Like An Absolute Wreck At The AMAs


The Weeknd is one of the defining artists of this year, releasing his latest album After Hours and sweeping up major awards at nearly every ceremony. As part of his album rollout, the Toronto native has completely re-imagined his look, going for a beaten and battered look during red carpet appearances and embracing a darker aesthetic. 

Instead of his carefully manicured hairstyle, The Weeknd is keeping his hair short and, instead of a more natural look, he’s going heavy on the make-up to resemble somebody who was just beat down and is minutes out of surgery, bruising and bloodying his face.

Emma McIntyre/AMA2020/Getty Images

The transformation has been taking place all year and, last night, the recording artist introduced another stage of his breakdown, adding heavy bandaging to his look and appearing as though he just got done with a rhinoplasty surgery. 

The singer rocked a red suit at the AMAs as he held up his three new awards during the post-show press photoshoot, showing off dark marks around his eyes and bandages covering up his head and much of his face.

Could this be leading us into The Weeknd’s next studio album release? How will he transition back to normal?

Emma McIntyre/AMA2020/Getty Images

All that’s left to say is that The Weeknd has truly been one of this year’s best artists, using every opportunity he can to further his identity as a performance artist. We love to see it.

What do you think of his new look?