The Weeknd Might Be Hinting That More Music Is Near


The Weeknd may have some of the most impatient fans in the world of music. Despite releasing My Dear Melancholy EP in 2018, he is hounded on every one of his social media posts for new music. Before you argue that Rihanna’s fans are a more impatient bunch, remember, it’s been significantly longer since Rihanna’s last project dropped. You’d think The Weeknd’s fans would at least be temporarily satiated by him sharing two new singles in November – “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights” – but they are still hungry for more. 

The Weeknd seeming to tease something approaching on the horizon might relieve his fans or heighten their hunger. He posted a photo of Instagram of him sitting in a vast, empty ballroom with the suggestive message: “patiently waiting.” Same, Abel. Same. He is dressed in the same 70’s-style getup that has defined his image in the “Chapter VI” era. He rocks the red suit and vintage Cazal frames that appeared in the “Heartless” music video and on the cover art for his latest singles. While the “patiently waiting” caption is quite cryptic, it can’t be too long before we learn more about The Weeknd’s next album and are able to add it to our streaming service libraries. 


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