The World’s First Movie Poster Made Entirely Out Of Weed Created For “The Gentlemen”


Remember when someone changed the “Hollywood” sign to spell out “Hollyweed” instead on New Year’s Day in 2017? Well, the same innovative genius who pulled off that legendary prank has been commissioned by the movie biz to design a poster for the upcoming Guy Ritchie film, The Gentlemen. This poster is not just any regular old poster, though: it’s made entirely out of weed.

The multi-media artist in question, Zach Fernandez aka Jesushands, shared a video on Instagram in which he describes the “experimental art project” he was asked to make to promote the film. In order to concoct the piece, he used all the different parts of the cannabis plant. “The buds, keef leaves, and stems all played an important role in creating the textures needed to bring this portrait to life,” he explains. He notes in the caption that the project “was a bit challenging” but that he is “completely satisfied with the results.” The finished product depicts the apparenaces of the actors that star in the film—Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant, Michelle Dockery, and Henry Golding—using weed particles.

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for STXfilms

It makes sense that a poster like this would be commissioned for this film in particular. The cinematic story follows the life of American expatriot Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey. When Mickey decides to cash out of his highly profitable marijuana business in London, word gets out and the cast of characters plot and scheme in an attempt to steal his business out from under him. The Gentlemen opens in theatres on Friday, January 24th.


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