THEMXXNLIGHT Kick Back On “It’s Over”


Now is a better time than any to give fans some new music. Though we’re all stuck inside of the house, with many undergoing severe symptoms of boredom, thankfully, many artists have been generously releasing music. This week, THEMXXNLIGHT blessed fans with a tiny care package with two new songs off of their forthcoming project titled, The Cure

The Cure consisted of two songs including “It’s Over.” With Peyote serving a cold and spacey beat for the duo, they fill quotables with auto-tuned melodies that reflect heartbreak and pain. Though some of the lyrics lack originality, THEMXXNLIGHT have continued to prove that they do have something unique to offer the game. Keep your eyes peeled for The Cure and check out the song “It’s Over” below.

Quotable Lyrics
You look like a model 
So why did my love get dissolved?
I’m trippin’ tonight, don’t know how to solve it
If we can’t face it, we got a problem



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