There’s A Spike In People Ingesting Household Cleaners After Trump’s Comments


It looks like there are some people who actually took President Trump’s advise this week when he mentioned the idiotic idea of injecting disinfectant into your body to help fight Covid-19. According to a report from The Daily News, the state of NY has seen a sudden spike in people calling in about ingesting bleach or other household cleaners in the 18 hours following President Trump’s bogus claim.

As many as 30 people have called into the health officials over fears that they had ingested bleach or other household cleaners, particularly Lysol. Thankfully, none of the people who reached out died or required hospitalization, the spokesman said.

“To be clear, disinfectants are not intended for ingestion either by mouth, by ears, by breathing them in any way, shape or form,” New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot tweeted on Friday. “Doing so can put people at great risk.”

In addition, more than 100 calls were made to Maryland’s state’s emergency hotline in the wake of Trump’s controversial statement. The state of Maryland had to send out an alert after people kept calling, questioning the advice on consuming disinfectant as a possible treatment to the deadly virus.



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