This Famous YouTube Family Is Under Fire Amidst Sexual Assault Allegations


Over the years, Youtube has become a popular go-to when it comes to acquiring an accessible form of entertainment. And as its popularity increased, the platform has allowed for many to make serious coins out of the daring path of the Youtuber lifestyle. Unfortunately, the latter also comes with great cost–much like any form of celebrity–privacy becomes a thing of the past and all (whether good or bad) is exposed for all to see. Most recently, Youtube couple the Ace Family, who have amassed great wealth along the years from their vlogs and views from 17 million followers, have been under fire. According to Vulture, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, are in the thick of legal battles amidst both claims of sexual assault and extortion. Another YouTuber, Cole Carrigan has excused McBoom of raping his friend. The claims were supported by screenshots of text messages and alleged photos of the victim’s bloody sheets the day after the claimed assault. 

Immediate outrage followed the claims and McBroom has since vehemently denied them, suggesting that Carrigan made up the story to extort the family. And now the Ace family is reportedly suing Carrigan for extortion. Carrigan has not publicly responded to the call for legal actions. We expect more on this later.



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