This Replica Lamborghini Is Being Sold For Only $40,000


If you ever wanted to own a Lamborghini but couldn’t handle the financial burden, then this is your chance. A retired police officer down in Tennessee, named Randy Morrow, is selling a custom built replica 2010 Lamborghini LP 640 for just $40,000, and it looks like the real thing.

Randy worked at a body shop which constructed most of the replica car, but he added some final touches to ensure that his vehicle looked as close as possible to the original. “Verde ithica” green accents were added to the all-black interior, and the car was given a “classier look” with a carbon fiber steering wheel. Additional alterations were made to the car’s doors, wheels, & other things. Morrow says that fixing up the replica set him back $4,000, but I think he nailed it.

Authentic versions of the luxury sports car sell for over $200,000, but his replica, which looks very similar to that of an exotic sports car, is only 40 racks. If interested, people can purchase the vehicle one the site,

Check out all the photos of the Lambo replica right here. Below, is what the green lambo looks like.



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