Tiffany Haddish Responds To George Floyd Memorial Backlash


Tiffany Haddish gave the perfect response to all the noise about her conduct at George Floyd’s memorial service, in which she supposedly shifted the spotlight onto herself. On Thursday (June 4th), hundreds gathered at a chapel in Minneapolis to honour the late George Floyd, whose recent murder at the hands of the police set off protests across the country and around the world against police brutality and systemic racism. Many celebrities were in attendance, including rappers like T.I. and Ludacris as well as comedians like Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. 

At one point during his moving speech, Rev. Al Sharpton decided to take a moment to acknowledge all the celebrity attendees. When it was brought to his attention that he forgot to mention Tiffany, it appeared that he hadn’t even realized she was present. “Is Tiffany here?” he asked, to which her muffled voice could be heard responding.

The moment garnered a ton of backlash, some criticizing Tiffany for supposedly “centering” herself at a memorial service, especially considering the circumstances of the deceased’s death. Others found it strange that Sharpton was even giving shout outs to the famous folks in the room in the first place. Regardless of the reason, Tiffany decided that she had to speak on this collective outrage and steer the focus back to what’s really important.

tiffany haddish george floyd memoral service backlash rev. al sharpton celebrity shout outs responseStephen Maturen/Getty Images

“I usually don’t give space to the bullsh*t that some people spew about me, not today,” she tweeted on Thursday night. “We are in the middle of the fight for our lives. I was blessed and honored to be asked to attend the memorial service of George Floyd, our brother, who was murdered, which led us to this moment.”

“Please don’t squander this critical moment to make sh*t up about me,” she continued. “Channel that energy into important work…like honoring our fallen brothers and sisters and stopping this horrible cycle once and for all.”


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