Tiffany Haddish Tells Serge Ibaka A Story About Pooping In Her Ex’s New Jordans


It was just about a month ago when Tiffany Haddish made a public announcement that she was going to refrain from sharing too much of her personal life with the public. The declaration came following her tit-for-tat with Chingy after she told Ellen Degeneres that she and the rapper slept together. “I am done being a open book,” the comedian wrote. “Sorry world no more raw entertainment from me.. But if you do me wrong everyone will know!”

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Haddish just couldn’t help herself during her appearance on How Hungry Are You? with Toronto Raptors baller Serge Ibaka. On the show, Serge cooks up strange cuisines for his guests, and in this case, he diced up some fried worms for the actress. The NBA star also interviewed Haddish and asked her if it was true that she once took a bowel movement inside of her ex-boyfriend’s shoes. She confirmed that it did happen—in his brand new Jordans—and went on to explain why she decided to defecate in his kicks.

“I was very upset. I was emotional and I felt like he had pooed on my soul,” she joked. “So then, I decided to poo on the sole of his shoes.” Haddish shared that after she pulled the disgusting move, she invited her then-boyfriend to play basketball with her. Since the shoes were brand new she crapped in them, put them back in the box, took them to his house, watch him put them on, and then yelled at him for cheating with another woman on her birthday. Check out the full episode below where she dishes about her Emmy nods, hosting Saturday Night Live, and how she feels about being a black woman in the entertainment industry.


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