Timbaland Reflects On DMX: “It Made Me Think About Aaliyah”


The death of DMX has triggered a tidal wave of reflections and tributes from friends and fans of the late legend. His contributions to the rap landscape have proven to be nothing short of influential, most illuminated in forthcoming projects in his home state planned to recognize these achievements. Fellow artists have also reflected on his recent passing, with Timbaland being the most recent to chime in on how painful hearing the news was. 

Mel/Getty Images

In a conversation on Instagram live with Fat Joe, the two hip-hop monarchs discussed in detail DMX’s spirituality. “He was writing this Book of Eli for us, right in front of our face,” began Timbaland. Fat Joe adds that DMX’s bold and public spirituality and belief in God was threatening and powerful to those unsuspecting of it. 

Continuing, Timbaland then opened up about how X’s death was affecting him emotionally. “This one hit differently. This one hit different. It made me think about like Aaliyah, it just hit different bro. I can’t even explain. I know you can hear it in my voice, it just hit different,” admitted Timbaland, appearing visibly shaken. 

“We all f*cked up, hip hop f*cked up,” ended Joe.

Timbaland and Aaliyah were frequent collaborators through the span of her career. She also had a close relationship with the late rapper, which is part of the reason her mother, Diane Haughton, penned an uplifting tribute for the late rapper. 

“Earl you had and still have a heart of gold,” Haughton said in the statement. “You and Baby Girl will meet again with all the beautiful people we have lost. Will never forget your kindness. NEVER! Blessing to your family! Eternally!” 

Our prayers continue to go out to DMX’s loved ones.