Tinashe Called A “Bum B*tch” By New Boyz Rapper Ben J: “She Gave [Legacy] No Credit”


Back in 2009, the New Boyz—Ben J and Legacy—were the talk of the industry. Their debut album Skinny Jeans and a Mic featured their hit single “You’re a Jerk,” and soon everyone was jerkin’ across the globe. The duo later collaborated with the likes of Chris Brown, Ray J, Teairra Mari, Dev, Hot Chelle Rae, and YG, but they couldn’t seem to work through their personal disagreements behind the scenes. Their star was on the rise, but soon, the New Boyz were no more.

Years after their departure from the spotlight, Ben J recently sat down with VladTV to discuss highlights of his career with his former “You’re a Jerk” partner. In one clip from the interview, Ben J shared that there was a point when Nick Cannon approached the New Boyz about managing them, but there was never a contract signed. Ben J felt as if they missed out on certain opportunities, especially in recent years, because he and Legacy aren’t on good terms. Vlad mentioned that if he could do anything to see the New Boyz reunited, he would.

“That n*gga Legacy ain’t f*ckin’ wit me,” Ben J said. “I can’t get him to be apart of the group, I don’t know how you gon’ get him here to do this interview. We couldn’t get Legacy to do the Disney That’s So Random. He missed that ’cause he pretended like he had a f*cking stomach virus. Food poisoning. That was just some bullsh*t because Tinashe told him, ‘That sh*t is childish. Don’t do that. Don’t do this.'”

When speaking about the singer, it was clear that Ben J isn’t a fan. “He wanted to stay with Tinashe and work on her career,” Ben J added. “Legacy is a big part of why Tinashe is who she is. He produced her whole first project, shot all her videos, but she gave him no credit. I’m like, bruh, that’s foul. Why you leave your group for this bum ass b*tch. How you let this bum ass b*tch get famous off you? You crazy, bruh.”

Ben J pulled the comparison of Trippie Redd, claiming that women are using the Ohio rapper to become famous, as well. “That’s how these b*tches is,” he said. Check out his clip below.

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