Tiny Denies Entertaining Other Men While She & T.I. Were Separated


They may be happily in love now, but T.I. and Tiny’s marriage almost came to a full stop back in 2016. The husband and wife split up and even filed for divorce, and while they were separated, the rumor mill was spinning tales of what each artist was doing now that they were nearly single. Although T.I.’s infidelities were put on display for the world to see, Tiny kept her business under wraps.

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There may have not been much to tell on Tiny’s end because, according to the singer, she wasn’t seeing anyone. During a recent episode of ExpediTIously, Tiny chatted about her time away from her husband. “I cut my ties,” she said. “It was a separation. There was a time I was not married.” However, she used the time to get her career in line, not to hook up with other men.

“I wasn’t with no man,” she admitted. “I didn’t have no man…No, I didn’t have male company.” Yet, Tiny wasn’t necessarily pining for T.I. “I didn’t miss it, either. I was getting money. I was running my sh*t. I was goddamn kicking it. I was going where I wanted to go. You know what I’m saying? I was having fun times.” Check out the episode below.

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