Tiny Harris Shades T.I.’s Alleged Victim With Subliminal Message


Despite this running for a few days, T.I. still has not issued a statement regarding the accusations that Atlanta entrepreneur Sabrina Peterson made against him. The woman behind @TheGlamUniversity, Peterson is a longtime friend of Tiny Harris. She claimed this week that T.I. previously held a gun to her head in front of her kids, telling her followers that she did not press charges or file a police report. The reason she came out as a victim this week was to protect other Black women and nudge Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to stop using Tip as a positive role model. 

While T.I. has not said a word about the scandal, his wife Tiny has seemingly been fighting this battle for him. She recently shared a message for Sabrina Peterson, taking her husband’s side and doubting Peterson’s story. Now, she’s sharing a more subliminal message that still seems to apply to Peterson.

Screenshot via Instagram Stories

“All clout ain’t good clout..esp when it’s revealed you’re lookin for clout,” wrote Tiny on Instagram Stories. Clearly, she seems driven to drag her former friend’s name through the mud and protect her man as he faces yet another dramatic issue, which could potentially devolve into something bigger.

People are ready to hear Tip’s take on the situation, already envisioning him using his extensive vocabulary to speak himself out of this hole. “TI somewhere saying ‘this is preposterous’,” commented one person on The Shade Room’s post.

As for Sabrina’s clap back, she seemingly called out Tiny for being a cocaine user. “Cocaine makes you talk tough,” she said on IG.

What do you think about this unraveling drama?