Tiny Reveals To T.I. That Kandi Burruss’s Mother Told Her Not To Marry For Love


The ExpediTIously podcast has featured a number of guests, but it’s most recent episode united T.I. with his wife Tiny on air. The happily married couple tackled the topic of relationships as they spoke on singleness, marriage life, and everything in-between. Although the pair have been married for nine years, they’ve been together for 19. The couple has endured ups and downs, some of which were played out messily in the media for the world to see, but they’ve endured their struggles and have come out on the other side as a solid union.

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During the “Battle of the Sexes” episode, T.I. asked Tiny why she thinks people in today’s era get married. “Well, I don’t know, but let me tell you. I’ll never forget when I was about 16, 15-years-old, Aunt Joyce, Kandi’s [Burruss] mama told me: ‘Do not marry for love,'” the singer revealed of her friend and fellow Xscape member’s mother. “‘Marry for…'” Tiny draws a blank, but T.I. helps her out and finishes her thought. “Security,” he said.

Tiny went on to say she didn’t understand with Ms. Joyce was saying at the time, but before Tiny could complete her sentence, T.I. jumped in. “See, nobody had that conversation me,” he stated. “See men, this the first thing, right. Women are being trained and conditioned from children. This young lady [was] 15-years-old, an older…like a O.G. gave her the game and said, ‘Listen here, young lady. You gon’ fall in love, but forget that.'” Check out the clip of the most recent episode of ExpediTIously below and weigh in.

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