tobi lou Treats Nostalgia With “Hot Tub Time Machine”


The first month of 2020 has proven to be an eventful one to say the very least. With various points of devastation, there’s a great host of Earth’s population that wouldn’t mind a reset right about now, and tobi lou is one of them on “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

Opening with “I need a hot tub time machine\Then I could go back and fix everything,” tobi fixates his need for a redo on a relationship gone bad, opting to return to the past in order to work on himself if granted the chance to with reference to the film of the same name.

Appropriately, the new track is attached to an image of tobi rocking an AOL logo t-shirt. Yes, it seems that things were much simpler then. Settle into your revisionist tendencies with “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t wanna, function without you 
Especially, if I don’t have to 
But you know there’s, something about you 
That makes me happy, but makes me so sad too


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