Tom Brady & Bruce Arians Reportedly Feuding Behind The Scenes


Tom Brady is easily the most accomplished player in the history of the NFL as he has six Super Bowl titles to his name, all while providing some incredible statistics to back it all up. Brady is in uncharted territory this season as he is playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, instead of the New England Patriots whom he spent all of his career with, up until 2020.

So far, the team is 7-4 and while Brady has looked great at times, there have also been games where he appears to be playing like a 43-year-old. This was evident on Monday night as his team lost to the Los Angeles Rams. Now, according to Dan Graziano of ESPN, there is some tension brewing between Brady and his head coach Bruce Arians.

“There’s a lot of theories, obviously it was supposed to work better than this, but one of them is that there is real tension,” Graziano said. “Bruce Arians and Tom Brady just met, right, it’s almost like Arians was watching some sort of movie star action-hero, and then met him in person and said, ‘I thought you’d be bigger.’ […] “So if you’re Arians, you’re looking, going saying, ‘This is what you wanted, we got you everything you asked for, why aren’t you delivering, why doesn’t it look like it looks in practice.’ And I think you’re seeing some frustration bubbled to the surface.”

It was always a given that Brady would have to deal with growing pains as a member of this Buccaneers team, so perhaps Graziano’s reporting shouldn’t come as a surprise. Regardless, it’s clear this team has a lot of work to do right now.