Tom Brady Lets Loose On His Inner Nerd With Stormtrooper Costume


Halloween has finally arrived and numerous athletes have taken advantage of the holiday by dressing up in some pretty extravagant and realistic costumes. In terms of NBA players, LeBron James came through with an insane “Edward Scissorhands” get up, while NFL players like DeAndre Hopkins and Lamar Jackson dressed up as the Genie and Harry Potter, respectively. Overall, Halloween has been pretty entertaining so far and now, Tom Brady is throwing his hat into the ring to try and win athlete costume of the year.

Today, Brady took to Instagram with a photo of him and his dog while crouching on the front porch. Brady was in a full Stormtrooper costumer which is, of course, the soldiers in the Star Wars movie. The outfit was pretty dope and the mask was ultrarealistic. Brady has been a villain in the NFL for 20 years now so in many ways, his costume makes a lot of sense.

Brady and the Patriots have a big week ahead as they face their toughest test yet on Sunday Night Football. The team is looking to keep their undefeated record intact as they take on the Baltimore Ravens prior to their bye-week. 

If Brady can manage the clock and keep Jackson off the field, the Patriots will have an easy path to victory. Perhaps Brady will bring the Stormtrooper vibes to the game, as well.


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