Tom Brady May Play For The Chargers Next Season: Report


While it’s hard to imagine Tom Brady in anything other than a Patriots jersey, with his current contract coming to an end, it’s possible the legendary quarterback could leave New England. Sources close to Brady have told CBS Sports that the quarterback is currently focused on the present, but if he does consider looking elsewhere at the end of the season, the Chargers may have the best spot to lure him in.

The way his contract is structured, he cannot be franchise tagged by the team. Apparently, Brady usually trains in Southern California, has held passing camps, and has family living there. There are also rumors circulating that the Chargers may move on from Philip Rivers.

It’s assumed that Brady’s decision will depend heavily on that of coach Bill Belicheck. Belicheck will be turning 68 in the offseason and could consider retirement. It’s also entirely possible that Brady could decide to retire. He’s 42-years-old and the NFL is unquestionably a young man’s game.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the Patriots will take the field later Today against Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns. With the trade deadline approaching, be on the lookout for any moves the Patriots make this week.


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