Tom Brady Patriots Return Reportedly “Far From A Guarantee”


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were stunningly upset by the Tennessee Titans on Saturday. Following the loss, fans and pundits began to discuss the possibility of Brady playing for a team other than the Patriots. The idea in and of itself sounds blasphemous although it isn’t too far-fetched when you realize that Brady is a free agent this Spring. The quarterback is on the decline but can still inject some offense and leadership into a team that needs it. With this in mind, many are fantasizing about Brady coming to their team. Meanwhile, Patriots fans are worried about the future of the franchise.

ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington recently spoke about Brady’s impending free agency and said it was “far from a guarantee” that Brady would be back. While this doesn’t mean he’s gone, it should make Patriots fans a little bit nervous to know that he’s going to seriously contemplate his options in free agency.

Brady has been embedded inside the Patriots’ for 20 years now and it would be bizarre to see him in another jersey. Despite this, it’s still interesting to think about how he would change the makeup of the league by going elsewhere. If you’re a Pats fan, these next few months will certainly be interesting, especially if Brady decides to take his talents to another city.


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