Tom Brady Reacts To Odell Beckham Jr.’s Generous Post-Game Gift


Tom Brady is arguably the greatest football player of all-time because he is constantly winning. He has won six Super Bowls in 20 seasons and every single year, he continues to defy the odds and the expectations set forth for a player of his age. It’s truly remarkable to see what Brady is doing this season and many of his peers have been taking notice. After defeating the Cleveland Browns, 27-13 on Sunday, Brady was given a gift from Odell Beckham Jr. which reaffirmed his status as the GOAT.

OBJ gave Brady his cleats which were covered in goat hair. It’s pretty clear what Beckham was trying to say here and after the game, Brady was asked about the gesture. As it turns out, Brady was surprised by it but was ultimately grateful.

“I have them. That was pretty cool. That was very, very nice of him,” Brady said to WEEI’s Greg Hill Show. “It’s pretty unique. I have never had anyone do that for me. It was very thoughtful. I certainly appreciate it.” 

Brady and the Patriots are halfway done the season right now and are sitting at a record of 8-0. With just eight games left to play, some believe the team could go undefeated which would be bad news for all of the haters out there. 


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