Tom Hardy Stars As Al Capone In First Trailer For “Capone”


Tom Hardy stars as a disease-ridden, elderly Al Capone in the first trailer for Josh Trank’s Capone. Originally titled Fonzo, the biopic has been in the works since 2016, and now we finally get the first look at the film. Capone follows the notorious gangster as he grapples with old age while living in Miami in the later years of his life. Despite garnering fame during the Prohibition era, Capone is now riddled with syphilis and signs of dementia following an 11-year prison sentence in what has been dramatically billed as the “untold final chapter” of his life. Capone depicts the final days of the Chicago mob boss’ life prior to his ultimate death by cardiac arrest on January 25, 1947 just before his 48th birthday.


Trank was the first to release the trailer after tweeting it out on Wednesday. He claimed that the film will be “coming May 12,” although it’s unclear how it will be released since most movie theatres are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starring alongside Hardy in Capone are Linda Cardellini, Jack Lowden, Matt Dillon, and Kyle MacLachlan.



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