Tom Holland Says “Spider-Man 3” Is “The Most Ambitious Superhero Film of All Time’


Though some had grown weary of the sheer volume of superhero movies filling movie theaters at a breakneck pace, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has even the most cynical masses begging for some new MCU flicks.

And while it might be a while yet before fans can catch the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in action, news about the anticipated Spider-Man 3 (a sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home) has been extremely promising. Especially after it was confirmed to be a “spider-verse” of sorts, bringing back Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Jamie Foxxx, Alfred Molina, and many more familiar faces from Spidey films come-and-gone.

Tom Holland Spider-Man

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

It’s no wonder that Tom Holland appeared excited during a recent interview with Variety, during which he touched on the upcoming film and the sheer scope of the universe-bending narrative. Though he did manage to remain surprisingly quiet about the plot’s finer details, Holland seemed particularly impressed with the upcoming chapter of the Spider-Man franchise. “I can say that it’s the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made,” he teased. “You sit down, read the script, and see what they’re trying to do, and they’re succeeding. It’s really impressive. I’ve never seen a standalone superhero movie quite like it. And I’m just, you know, again, that lucky little shit who happens to be Spider-Man in it.”

Unfortunately, it might be a while before we see the ambitious film come to fruition. As has been the case for many major blockbusters, COVID-19 has introduced plenty of production setbacks and challenges. “We got a lot more shooting to do,” reveals Holland. “We started before Christmas and shot for like seven weeks. We stopped for the Christmas break, and then we’re starting again. I’m just as excited as everyone else to see it, let alone be a part of it.” 

Should they indeed manage to pull it off, Spider-Man 3 may very well be one of the defining chapters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — if not the most original. Keep an eye out for further news on the anticipated film, which we hope to catch at some point later this year.