Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0 Rumored To Return In 2020: Details


Tom Sachs and Nike came through with an incredible collaboration a few years ago called the Nike Mars Yard. In fact, the shoe was so good that it eventually got a second version with brand new materials. If you were to look at the colors of the sneaker, you would immediately realize just how perfect the name is. 

The upper is covered in brown suede while red finds its way on the Nike swoosh. These colors are supposed to match the tones that are found on the actual planet Mars. Essentially, these are walking shoes made for space exploration and Tom Sachs’ creation has quickly become a legendary collaboration. According to Ovrnundr, a new version of the sneaker with better materials is being slated for the Spring of 2020, which is huge news for the sneaker community.

Resale prices for the Mars Yard 2.0 are already in the thousands of dollars and this restock probably won’t change that. It’s rumored that there will be 8,000 pairs on the market so your chances of getting them are next to none although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. These are well worth the effort.

Let us know in the comments below whether or not you plan on copping these.


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