Toni Braxton Hit With Amber Rose Comparisons After Showing Off Blonde Hair In Lingerie Video


Fans were admittedly floored earlier today after Toni Braxton updated her followers with a new look. The 53-year-old music icon’s various looks have often been the subject of praise throughout her career, but this time, the singer switched things up and left her fans shook. Even the most loyal members of Braxton’s fanbase couldn’t recognize the singer, but it’s a look that suits the reality star well.

On Instagram, Toni Braxton shared a brief video that showed the world that regardless of age, she can compete with anyone from any generation. “Age ain’t nothin but a number…” the singer wrote in the caption to her clip. In the video, Toni rocks a bleach-blonde buzzcut as she struts as if she’s walking down a runway. Braxton is seen wearing sunglasses, knee-high boots, and lingerie covered only by a camouflage-patterned jacket.

After the clip began making the rounds online, people couldn’t help but notice that the award-winning vocalist’s new look was eerily similar to that of Amber Rose’s signature style. Even so, both women pull it off well. Check out a few highlights below.