Top 10 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Colorways


Kanye West’s foray into the sneaker world has always been met with pushback and some overall skepticism. Every time a new Yeezy model is teased or unveiled, sneakerheads and the general public rush to the internet to make jokes. Often times, these jokes are pretty hilarious but in the following months, they are contradicted with interest in the actual product. One of the best examples of this is the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. The sneaker was unveiled back in 2016 as a follow up to the 350 and fans did not like it one bit. Many compared the silhouette to the bill of a platypus, while others said it was a glorified slipper.

Once the shoe finally came out, all of those jokes went by the wayside. Sneakerheads lined up on street corners and were willing to do anything just to get a pair at retail. Resale prices were originally in the thousands of dollars until, of course, more colorways began to come out and the hype began to die down. Three years later, the shoe continues to get new colorways and at this point, one could consider it a modern-day classic. There are few silhouettes that can continue to get as much love as the 350 V2 without getting old. In some people’s eyes, the 350 V2 has already reached Air Jordan 1 levels of iconic.

With that being said, with iconic silhouettes come iconic colorways. To celebrate three years of one of this decade’s most important shoes, we’re counting down 10 of the best colorways.

10. “Cream White”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "cream


Image via Flight Club

Putting the “Cream White” model in the 10-spot seemed like the only logical thing to do here. The colorway is iconic thanks to the all-white aesthetic that had found its way onto pretty well every shoe to ever come out. Since this color scheme isn’t particularly unique in any way, it’s low on our list but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fire. Part of the reason why the 350 V2 is so popular is that the silhouette is so sleek and wearable. With the all-white model, the sleekness is taken up a notch and it makes for a shoe that can be worn with almost any outfit. They might be basic, but they’re still undeniably fire, regardless of your tastes.

9. “Oreo”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "Oreo


Image via Flight Club

Immediately upon looking at this shoe, you begin to understand why it picked up the nickname, “Oreo.” This colorway is a throwback to the early days of the 350 V2 when Kanye first started experimenting with the sneaker’s silhouette. These debuted on December 16th of 2016 and continued on the trends found in the “Black Friday” pack from the same year. The shoe features a “core black” primeknit upper with a creamy white stripe on the side. In the middle of the stripe, you can find “SPLY-350” written backward. Once you add in the all-black midsole, you get a sleek aesthetic that makes for one of the more recognizable colorways in the silhouette’s history.

8. “Sesame”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "sesame

Image via Flight Club

There was a time when Kanye started making 350 V2 colorways that had roots in the kitchen. For instance, the summer of 2018 saw West come through with the light yellow “Butter” colorway. Later that year, he debuted the “Sesame” model which has quickly become one of the cleanest models in the shoe’s library. This model is made unique thanks to its grey primeknit upper and beige midsole. The whole sneaker is complemented by a gum sole which makes this the perfect model to wear during the Fall seasons. Thanks to the low resale value and lack of hype, the “Sesame” colorway is truly one of the most underrated 350 V2 offerings on this list. If you like to set yourself apart from the crowd, these are a great pick-up.

7. “Black Static”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "black non-reflective


Image via Flight Club

One of the most beloved models of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 is the “Pirate Black” colorway. When Ye revealed his plans for a 350 V2, sneakerheads immediate demanded an all-black pair. West sort of came through with that promise when he dropped the “Bred” model in 2017 but the red writing through people off. Two and a half years later, Kanye finally revealed the “Black Static” 350 V2 to the world and fans were immediately enamored. The shoe is incredibly sleek and picks up from where the “Pirate Black” left off. Based on sheer aesthetics alone, this pair could be one of the best drops of 2019. It would be much higher on this list if not for the lack of creativity in the color department. Not to mention, it was two years too late.

6. “Beluga 2.0″

yeezy boost 350 v2 "beluga 2.0

Image via Flight Club

Back in the Fall of 2017, the 350 V2 was hitting its peak to where pairs were limited enough to retain hype but plentiful enough to have a decent shot at copping. During this time, Adidas announced a follow-up colorway to the original “Beluga” and fans were exceptionally excited. The result was this gorgeous dark grey and black colorway with red writing on the side. This model maintained the same stripes as the previous “Beluga” colorway although with much less vibrancy. The dark grey midsole is actually tinted blue depending on the lighting which adds to just how dynamic this model is. Two years later, the “Beluga 2.0” is still a huge hit and a great entry point into the now-classic silhouette.

5. “Copper Stripe”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "Copper

Image via Flight Club

During the initial run of the 350 V2, Kanye and Adidas dropped an ultra-limited three-pack of Yeezys for Black Friday. The infamous Black Friday pack contained the “Red Stripe,” “Olive Stripe,” and “Copper Stripe” colorways. Perhaps the most unconventional of the bunch was the “Copper Stripe” as the aforementioned tone isn’t exactly something you come to expect from a sneaker. Much like the “Oreo” model, this version has a “core black” upper which is complemented by a copper stripe along the side. The contrast between these two colors is quite nice and makes for a sneaker that looks great with almost any outfit. Thanks to their limited nature and unorthodox aesthetic, this is the first 350 V2 to crack our top 5. 

4. “Bred”

 yeezy boost 350 v2 "Bred

Image via Flight Club

Sneakers that are called “Bred” typically play well to the crowd and this 350 V2 model is no exception. In the past, the “Bred” moniker has been reserved for Air Jordans but West’s creation from February of 2017 was so good that fans had to give it its props. Overall, the color scheme is quite basic. The entire upper and midsole are covered in black while “SPLY-350” is written in red. This creates for a dope contrast that is simple and most importantly wearable. Of all the Yeezys on this list, the “Bred” colorway is by far one of the most sought after and if you were to think of the word “Yeezy,” this model would probably pop up in your head.

3. “Zebra”

 yeezy boost 350 v2 "zebra

Image via Flight Club

While it may have a reputation for being hypebeasts’ favorite 350 V2 colorway, there is no denying the legacy of the “Zebra” model and its impact on the culture. When the shoe first dropped in early 2017, the stock was extremely limited and sneakerheads were paying exorbitant prices. Eventually, the sneaker restocked in the summer and the prices came down but the hype remained the same. Almost two years later, Kanye came back with yet another restock and, once again, the shoe sold out. As for the aesthetics, the sneaker likes up to its name. White and black stripes are complemented by red writing which adds a unique twist to the overall look. It may take you a while to find a dope outfit to pair with these but once you do, you’ll be looking fly as hell. Some argue this is the most overrated 350 V2 colorway but in our eyes, it’s easily one of the best and most unique.

2. “Beluga 1.0”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "beluga

Image via Flight Club

What more can be said about the “Beluga 1.0?” This was the debut colorway of the 350 V2 and it came out on September 24th of 2016. Three years later, this colorway remains one of the most iconic Yeezys of all-time, regardless of the silhouette. The grey zebra-esque upper, orange stripe, and orange highlights sprinkled throughout the upper make for a truly unique colorway that no sneaker has ever been able to match. This model was so good that West created a second version of it which, of course, is number six on our list. It should be noted that this colorway isn’t exactly for everyone and for some people, it’s definitely a grower. Either way, it looks amazing with outfits and will forever be known as the colorway that started it all, which has to count for something.

1. “Red Stripe”

yeezy boost 350 v2 "Red Stripe


Image via Flight Club

We’re finally at the number one colorway on this list and if you’ve been following the 350 V2 from the very beginning, this selection shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The “Red Stripe” model was easily the standout of the Black Friday pack and the resale prices reflect that. To this day, the “Red Stripe” is still one of the most limited Yeezys of all-time and the colorway itself is simply undeniable. Just like the “Oreo” and “Copper Stripe” versions, the upper is covered in “core black” primeknit. From there, a huge red stripe is placed on the side and accomplishes what the “Bred” model could only dream to. The cherry on top is the red highlights sprinkled throughout the primeknit which gives the sneaker some much-needed character and grit. If you’re a fan of the 350 V2, this is an instant classic that is among some of the best shoes released this decade. 

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 colorway is and why.


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