Tori Brixx Fight Drama: Daughter Of Alleged Victim Says Mother Underwent Surgery


The alleged physical altercation may be over, but the online battle has just begun. Earlier this week, news surfaced that Rich The Kid’s fiancé Tori Brixx was arrested. It was alleged that the mom and model assaulted a woman at a Los Angeles parking lot, and soon, video footage of circumstances surrounding the incident circulated online. Tori later came forward to assert that she didn’t fight anyone, but the daughter of the alleged victim has taken her grievances to social media.

Tori Brixx Fight
Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images

A woman who claims to be the daughter of the victim has shared a few messages that she’s received online. “‘Clout-chasing Karen,’ ‘Your mom’s face looks like road kill,’ ‘Trailer trash crack who*re,’ ‘You just mad because you have a man body and tori bomb af,’ ‘White people always win,’ ‘That’s probably an old picture she took,'” the woman wrote as she shared a few insults both she and her mother have allegedly received.

In another lengthy message, she added, ‘My mom is a ‘Karen’ (married to a Black man with two biracial kids) therefore she deserved what happened to her, and is the reason the authorities took a certain someone to jail based purely upon video footage?” She concluded her message by saying that she loves her mother and wished her matriarch well with surgery. Check it all out below.


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