Tori Brixx Speaks On Fight & Arrest: “I Wasn’t Fighting”


This quarantine has nerves on edge. A trip to Target turned into a physical altercation between Tori Brixx, fiancé to Rich The Kid, and a random woman. According to reports by the woman’s daughter, Tori Brixx assaulted her mother for no reason at all. What caused the argument is up for debate, but it didn’t take long for the verbal spat to turn into something else altogether.

Tori Brixx Arrest
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Footage of both parties has surfaced, including a photo of the alleged victim with a badly blackened eye. There have been accusations that Tori broke the woman’s nose and following the incident, Tori was arrested. The mother and model was later released and showed up on Instagram Live where she addressed her recent scandal.

“I wasn’t fighting,” she said. “I feel like somebody got in my face and then whatever, you know, I was like, get out of it. That was it. It was like, six feet… It was not a fight.” She stated that there weren’t multiple blows thrown and the black eye photo shared on social media is “not true. That has to be an old picture. I don’t know. I don’t even care.” Tori said she was over it and then shared the story of leaving jail to see “the G-Wagon and the Rolls Royce” which showed that both her friend and Rich The Kid were there waiting for her. Swipe through to catch Tori Brixx tell her side of the story below.


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