Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri Avoids Battery Charges Against Sheriff’s Deputy


It was a celebratory-filled moment back in June when the Toronto Raptors secured their first-ever NBA championship title by defeating the Golden State Warriors. The team joined together for hugs and tears, however, when Raptors owner Masai Ujiri made his way onto the court to join his crew, a sheriff’s deputy wouldn’t let him pass. The two men got into a shoving match, the end of which was captured by cameras, until other people on the scene verified Masai’s identification. The Raptors owner wasn’t wearing press credentials, so the deputy reportedly didn’t know who he was.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Following the physical altercation, the deputy’s attorney’s claimed that their client had a concussion and was on medical leave. A police report was filed against Masai for misdemeanor battery, and it was unknown if more charges would be added on because it was against an officer. On Tuesday, prosecutors in California announced that no official charges will be filed again Masai after months of investigation.

“I am extremely pleased with the decision,” Masai reportedly said in a statement. “While these past months have been difficult waiting for a determination on this matter, I understand the nature of the process and am appreciative of the efforts of all involved. I am happy that this is now behind me and I look forward to the task of bringing another championship to the City of Toronto.” Check out the clip that almost landed the Raptors owner in hot water below.


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