Tory Lanez “Chixtape 5” Speculative First Week Projections Are In


Tory Lanez dropped off the nostalgic project Chixtape 5 this past week and it caused a ripple effect throughout the game. With the end of the decade coming in just a month, it was ingenious for Lanez to take listeners on a journey through the last ten years. Samples from hip-hop and R&B classics make up the majority of the project, which is a satisfactory mix of the new wave with the older one. Lanez’s tape was highly anticipated and delayed several times, so fans were excited to get their hands on the project when it dropped. As per usual, HDD has delivered the speculative projections for last week’s albums, and it looks like Lanez will move some respectable numbers. 

Tory is expected to move 70-80k units with 4-6k units coming from pure album sales. Tory has always relied on streaming to bolster his numbers so that split is no surprise. Celine Dion is expected to take first place with her album Courage selling 122-127k total units, with120-124k coming from pure album sales. Dion is a legend that has always thrived on album sales and live performances. Lil Peep’s Everybody’s Everything is expected to push 28-32k units, with 10-12k units coming from pure album sales. 


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