Tory Lanez Confirms No Beef With Meek Mill Following Melii Signing


Melii has been one artist to keep an eye out for this whole year. She has all the makings of a star and truthfully, 2020 can very well be the year that she sees a lot of success. However, in her rise this year, Tory Lanez announced that she signed to One Umbrella. The thing is it was rumored that she was about to pen a deal with Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers. She even landed a feature on his project.

Although Meek expressed his disdain towards the signing, saying, “This a corny ass move on both y’all end,” it appears that Meek and Tory hashed out their differences. During his appearance on Genius’ For The Record with Rob Markman, Tory explained that he and Meek are on good terms. The rapper explained that they had a brief conversation and that’s all it really took. “We got on the phone and we spoke about what we spoke about. And once we spoke, it was done. It was never a thing like that. I think the world be thinking more into it than it is,” he said. 

On why signing her to One Umbrella made more sense, Tory added, “I think the fact that she is here and is Umbrella, it’s just a better fit, musically. She does a lot of the same things I do. She raps, sings. She does Spanish. She’s all over the place creatively, just like how I am.”

Peep the clip below. 


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