Tory Lanez & DJ Envy Compare Hairlines On The Breakfast Club


The year is nearly over, but Tory Lanez has done his part in contributing to the final push with Chixtape 5. A throwback to a classic era of early-millennium R&B, Tory’s fifth chapter has earned instant acclaim for its nostalgic and tasteful homage. Yet despite Tory’s musical accomplishment, it doesn’t take long before Envy and Charlamagne cut to the heart of the matter: Tory’s hairline, which grows in notoriety with every passing interview.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

With this one comes a different sort of elephant in the room. Envy’s own hairline, prefaced by Charlamagne as being a touchy subject of sorts, is put under the hot seat. As Tory laughs maniacally, Envy stands up with the energy of a drunk man swearing he can do a backflip. “I don’t have hair plugs or follicles or none of that,” swears Envy. “Pause, you gotta touch it for yourself to see that it’s real.” Ever the team player, Tory acquiesces to Envy’s request, giving the DJ’s hair a gentle stroke. The evidence is enough to sway Tory, though Charlamagne is another matter altogether. “Tory, he had a fuckin’ Caesar Friday,” he cries. “This guy is crazy!”  

He also discusses his renewed friendship with Drake, referring specifically to the whole Camp Flag Gnaw debacle. “We both laughed about it,” smiles Tory. “He was like ‘that was one for the books.’ You know when a n***a was so rich he don’t give a fuck? That was the first time I was like he’s so successful that didn’t even faze [him]. Me, I’d have been sitting at home for a good couple of hours, like damn, I fucked up. He didn’t even give a fuck.” When Charlamagne asks why Tory thought Drizzy had no business being there to begin with, Tory offers an explanation. “A guy like him and a guy like me…kids that wear dirty Chuck Taylors, they’re in that crowd waiting to see Frank Ocean,” explains Tory. “They’re gonna wanna see Frank Ocean at that moment.” Basically, he chalks it up to a simple misunderstanding. Check out the full conversation below.


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