Tory Lanez & His Dad Literally Look The Same; Drake Agrees


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sonstar Peterson, the father of Tory Lanez, has a considerable amount of drip and growing up, most little boys just want to follow in their father’s footsteps. That’s why it isn’t exactly a surprise to see the Canadian rapper swagging on everybody on a daily basis. Much of his social content this month has been to promote his upcoming Chixtape 5 project, which is arriving next month. He’s been heavily channelling the 2000s in his recent outfits but today, he took a break, travelled back to the present and posted a shot with his father as they bonded backstage. 

“I get all my sauce from my dad,” revealed Tory Lanez in his caption, sitting on the floor with his pops. Sonstar rocks an all-white ensemble while his son, Daystar, keeps his neck weighed down in gold necklaces, a black t-shirt and some fresh Jordan 1s. “We got them good genes in our family,” he continued.

Not everybody was checking the fashion though. In fact, fans seemed more concerned with the similarities that both men share. Tory is clearly his father’s son. They basically look the same, which is what threw Drake off at first. “That is your twin no lie,” commented the superstar on his former rival’s post. Lanez responded by agreeing, noting that they even have the same step in their walk.


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