Tory Lanez Hosts Raging Super Bowl Party, Hundreds Seen Maskless


We still may be in a pandemic, but it’s Super Bowl Weekend, so you know people are out and about. Mandates have been lifted in various cities and states so people can freely move at ease, although, not all establishments have reopened. However, in places like Miami, Houston, and Atlanta, clubs have been packed for months as celebrities have made appearances to earn a few extra coins while much of the entertainment industry remains paused.

As tempting as a Super Bowl party is for the American public, Dr. Anthony Fauci has recommended that everyone should resist the urge to gather together. Many have ignored that advice, including Tory Lanez, who hosted a pre-Super Bowl shindig at WTR Pool in Tampa. According to TMZ, Lanez gave a lively performance to a packed audience and everyone seemed to have a good time.

He did receive backlash for the “super-spreader” event, especially because many people were seen without masks and weren’t social distancing, but the audience didn’t seem to care. There were mixed reactions about the party as some people took to social media to scramble for tickets while others shared photos and complained about the lack of protective gear.

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