Tory Lanez & Megan Thee Stallion Catch Heat For Linking Up At Her House


Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion are catching some heat for linking up at her house despite social distancing guidelines advising against it. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began to escalate in the United States, social distancing rules have become more and more strict. Events that attracted large crowds were the first to go, then gatherings with over 100 people, then 30 people, then 10. In most if not all states, it’s been made clear that folks should not be surrounded by anyone they do not live with unless absolutely necessary. However, that didn’t stop Tory from heading over to Megan’s crib on Thursday and hopping on IG live together so that Megan could guest-host his show, Quarantine Radio.

In a clip from their ill-advised hang out, Megan is shown teaching Tory how to properly throw his arms to get the dance right. She becomes frustrated with him when he can’t get the hang of it, but they both appear to be having fun together.

While some folks found their IRL link up hilarious and thought Meg and Tory would make a cute couple…

…others focused on how they were blatantly putting themselves at risk of contracting/spreading coronavirus, especially since they do not appear to be six feet apart from one another.

Neither Tory nor Megan have responded to the backlash yet.


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