Tory Lanez Offers Thought-Provoking Take On Donald Trump & Iran War


Tory Lanez might not be affected by the current threat of war looming between the United States and Iran because of his Canadian nationality but the superstar still decided to voice his opinion on the frightful situation. With all the WWIII memes being shared across TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms, Lanez offered his take on why President Donald Trump chose to attack his rivals with a drone airstrike, killing general Qasem Soleimani. In the artist’s eyes, it all has to do with the threat of being booted from the White House in the upcoming election.

After Donald Trump became the third President to ever be impeached, Tory Lanez believes that he may have stooped this low to heighten his chances of re-election in the fall. He noted that he would be keeping his nose out of this drama, but that came after he let off a potential conspiracy theory. 

“So basically America bout to go into war becuz it’s re-election time… and the chances of switching a president while a war is going on are slim,” wrote the rapper on Twitter. “Just saying … who the fuck am I … but seems about right to me … however I’m Canadian so ima stay outta this.”

The Chixtape 5 singer doesn’t seem too offbase. This would be the wildest thing Trump has done as President and, let’s be honest, would anybody be surprised if this was actually the case?

Cindy Ord/Getty Images


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