Tory Lanez Shows T.I. Major Love: “Me And Rubber Band Man Expeditiously”


Tory Lanez must be on top of the world these days. His latest drop, the nostalgia-fueled Chixtape 5, has been steadily earning lofty praise from fans and critics alike; should you be curious to see our own thoughts on Tory’s latest, peep the review right here. While some artists might use the opportunity to rest on their laurels, Tory’s work ethic is simply different. A gambler might put money on the notion that Tory is already in the studio cooking up something new, and maybe he’s already sending out the invites.

Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Case in point, Tory recently took to Instagram to tease a potential collaboration between himself and T.I. Though Tip has been at the center of an unfortunate controversy, Tory clearly harbors no desire to lecture the Atlanta icon. In fact, it’s nothing but love between the emcees, as it often is when a Canadian and an ATLien connect. Tory even invited his fans to name the potential song, if and when it happens to manifest. 

Would you be down to hear some bars exchanged between Tip and Tory? If so, sound off below.  


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