Tory Lanez & The-Dream Stage Elaborate Two-Part Epic “Love Ya Gyal/Love Sounds”


Tory Lanez is not about to hold onto any secrets. He is in love with your girl. Not just looking to steal her for a night. He’s expressing love, the type of tales that William Shakespeare once penned. Or, in more modern times, that wise St. Louis bard Nelly. Thematically, Tory’s nostalgic vibe carries through, with narrative shades of “Dilemma.” Only in true Tory fashion, he simply can’t help himself. Before long, the song begins shifting into pure uninhibited sexuality, a transition that lends itself nicely to the beat switch.

As Part B slides in, Tory takes to the sultry RnB instrumental with a confident swagger, asserting his presence within the club. “You made moves in your city and did not get no permission,” he sings, his voice teetering on falsetto. “You’re not threatened by a good time and never with kissing.” At this stage, men with tenuous relationships oughta tread lightly when Tory is in town. Especially when he’s coming with such a lush musical arrangement, lined with deep synthesizers and atmospheric pads. Some might even call “Luv Ya Gyal / Love Sounds” the most elaborate piece of Lanez music in a minute.

Quotable Lyrics

I know you got a man, you know I got a lady
I know the thought of us fucking shawty, it’s kinda crazy
Even the thought of me sayin’ that shit soundin’ crazy
Ooh, back it up, let me smoke it, drag it up
You be wantin’ me every time that I’m rollin’, actin’ up
Said I want you, girl, I want you but I told you that enough


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